Bathing Suits

To have a good time, get the right gear!

Swimwear That Wears Well

Welcome to the Bathing Suit page! Here, you’ll find links to a variety of stylish bathing suits available at local stores, all just a click away for easy online ordering. When heading to the beach, having the perfect bathing suit is essential for both comfort and confidence.

Whether you prefer a classic one-piece, a trendy bikini, or a sporty rash guard, a well-fitting bathing suit allows you to fully enjoy the water without worrying about wardrobe malfunctions. Without it, you’d miss out on the joy of swimming and lounging by the shore, feeling your best. By ordering your bathing suit through our website, you’ll save time and hassle, ensuring you’re ready to hit the waves in style.

Don’t let an ill-fitting or outdated bathing suit dampen your beach day—order yours now and make a splash with Broward Beaches!

Womens Swimwear

Swimwear for women  –  Purchase at Walmart $22.00

Mens Swimwear

Swimwear for Men  –   Purchase at Walmart $22.00

Kids Swimwear

Swimwear for kids  –  Purchase at Walmart $22.00

Swim Accessories

Accessories for every swimmer  –  Purchase at Walmart $22.00